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The Forefront of Hip Surgery

Durango physician likes benefits of frontal approach
By Dale Rodebaugh Herald staff writer

New Mexico man who less than a week ago had a second hip replacement done with an approach not widely used in the Four Corners is raring to return to work.

Dan Kilough got a new ball-and-socket joint on the left side from Dr. Brinceton Phipps, who used a frontal approach instead of the traditional rear entry.

“I feel like a 20-year-old,” said Kilough, who in March had his right hip replaced by Phipps with the same procedure. “This time it feels better than the first time, and that one was wonderful.”

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Animas Surgical Hospital Demos New Robot for Students

Local students recently learned that computer gaming skills could come in handy one day, especially if they plan to become orthopedic surgeons. Animas Surgical Hospital in Durango recently demonstrated its new robotic arm to a group of area students attending the second annual Health Career Fair.

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