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Femoral Component Revision of Total Hip Arthroplasty

Date: 04 Dec 2017

Modern primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) is among the most successful operations in medicine. It has been a consistently effective treatment for end-stage osteoarthritis of the hip. With the increasing number of primary THA procedures being performed and the decreasing age of patients undergoing the procedure, there is an inevitable associated increase in revision burden […]

Over-the-counter painkillers treated painful injuries just as well as opioids in new study

Date: 04 Dec 2017

In an opioid epidemic that currently claims an average of 91 lives per day, there have been many paths to addiction. For some, it started with a fall or a sports injury, a trip to a nearby emergency room and a prescription for a narcotic pain reliever that seemed to work well in the ER. […]

Greater wound healing, renal complications found among TJA patients with gout

Date: 04 Dec 2017

Recently published results showed patients with gout who underwent total joint arthroplasty had greater wound healing and renal complications compared with patients without gout. Source: Healio Read More

Research finds decrease in opioid use among patients recovering from hip and knee replacement

Date: 04 Dec 2017

Opioid use in patients recovering from hip and knee replacement decreased by one-third between 2006 and 2014, reflecting success in efforts to promote a multimodal approach to pain management (using a variety of methods to manage pain) rather than using opioids alone, reveals new research being presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2017 annual meeting. Source: […]

Fungal PJI: More than just a prosthetic infection

Date: 04 Dec 2017

Management of periprosthetic joint infection is challenging on many accounts. Fungal periprosthetic joint infections are particularly difficult to treat. The problem is the incidence of fungal infections has increased globally in the last few decades. Fungal periprosthetic infections, although rare, are similarly increasing in prevalence. Source: Healio Read More

Prospective study showed TKA not detrimental to patient participation in sports

Date: 11 Aug 2017

Results of a study presented at European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy Congress, here, showed patients who participated in sports before total knee arthroplasty were able to participate in sports postoperatively and in some cases, patients were more active in sports after surgery. Source: HealioRead More

Quadriceps exercise relieves pain in knee osteoarthritis

Date: 11 Aug 2017

A quadriceps isometric contraction exercise method is effective for relieving pain in knee osteoarthritis (OA), according to a study published online May 25 in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases. Source: Mdical XpressRead More

Understanding hip instability helps orthopedists perform revision THA

Date: 11 Aug 2017

When it comes to recurrent dislocation of the hip after total hip arthroplasty, surgeons will find it helpful to identify the primary cause of the patient’s instability and correct the problem at the time of revision surgery. Source: HealioRead More

Helping A Surgeon’s Hand

Date: 04 Jun 2015

Animas High School junior Bryce Ward experiments with a surgical robot on a model knee joint at Animas Surgical Hospital. The MAKOplasty Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System uses infrared light to help surgeons resurface bones in the knees and hips. Bryce is the daughter of Blake Ward and Lauren Nelson. Mistakes are usually not encouraged […]

The Forefront of Hip Surgery

Date: 04 Aug 2013

A New Mexico man who less than a week ago had a second hip replacement done with an approach not widely used in the Four Corners is raring to return to work. Dan Kilough got a new ball-and-socket joint on the left side from Dr. Brinceton Phipps, who used a frontal approach instead of the […]


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