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Helping A Surgeon’s Hand

Date: 04 Jun 2015

Animas High School junior Bryce Ward experiments with a surgical robot on a model knee joint at Animas Surgical Hospital. The MAKOplasty Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System uses infrared light to help surgeons resurface bones in the knees and hips. Bryce is the daughter of Blake Ward and Lauren Nelson. Mistakes are usually not encouraged […]

The Forefront of Hip Surgery

Date: 04 Aug 2013

A New Mexico man who less than a week ago had a second hip replacement done with an approach not widely used in the Four Corners is raring to return to work. Dan Kilough got a new ball-and-socket joint on the left side from Dr. Brinceton Phipps, who used a frontal approach instead of the […]

On the Cutting Block

Date: 17 Oct 2010

Dr. Brinceton Phipps, a surgeon at Animas Orthopedic Associates, explains how an alignment guide, which includes a metal rod inserted into the patient’s femur, guides a surgeon’s saw blade as he resurfaces the bone in preparation for the new knee. Phipps said the new technology, which uses a custom-made cutting block that is pinned to […]


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