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Rick S – Physical Therapist

“From the initial visit through surgery and after care Dr. Phipps is a very thorough, caring, knowledgable, and professional doctor/person. My expectations have been exceeded as the whole process went so well and I can do things that I was hoping to do! Thank you so much!”

Matthew M

“Dr. Phipps has answered questions visits regularly. Has a bedside manner!! It was an excellent experience all the way around. I will be back for Right Knee.”

Jayne T

“I have had 2 surgeries by Dr. Phipps. I feel very taken care of and that Dr. Phipps truly cares about his patients.”

Ellen C

“Best Doctor ever. I will recommend his services to anyone in need. What a beautiful experience. I never realized it could be so life changing. I am happy again. I am canoeing again and rafting and hiking and looking forward to doing my left knee. No fear. Thank you so much!”

Gary F

“Dr. Phipps is open and honest. Easy to talk to. Made me feel confident I would be back to my old self after a pretty severe injury…I feel fortunate to have had such a great surgeon and Physician’s Assistant.”

Tracy A


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